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Chainmail Bikini Tops, Fashions & Body Chains Metal wear to dress up any plain outfit for public events from nightclubs to dance performances and even formal events. Many are used as revealing private wear though the bikini tops are wearable without fabric in public (for . These handwoven chain mail bikini tops are made to be comfortable daily wear at medieval events and Renaissance faires and form a captivating part of many dance costumes. These chainmail bikini tops: provide some support are street legal with no lining are made of .

Jun 09, 2007 · How to Make Chainmail. Chainmail (aka: chainmaille, chain mail, chain maille, maille or mail) is made up of a pattern (called a weave) of interlocking rings. Because the design tends to spread the force of an edged weapon (a sword or axe, 84%(19). How to Make a Chain Mail Bikini By Clayton Kim ; Updated September 15, 2017. If you want to be an innovator on the beach and turn some heads, make a chainmail bikini. Chainmail was armor used by soldiers in the Middle Ages made with interlinked metal rings. The second part of the word chainmail is derived from the French word, maille, which.