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I really can't believe this is happening. I'm a grown man in my mid-forties. Because of the scene I made during my mandatory company physical last week, I was about to be given a physical exam by the attractive 30 something female doctor who humiliated me at my last appointment while my 28 year old female supervisor observed. I fulfilled a teenage fantasy. Interesting things happen when appointments overlap. Her son's cock needs oral attention during a check-up. Our Captain is taken to a slave auction. Her fate is unclear. A soccer mom's slave grading goes awry. and other exciting erotic at!

Soccer player Corey goes in for a physical exam. 18 year old Daniel gets an unexpected physical at school. Eric undergoes a prolonged physical exam. His gf watches. A woman's first play exam with a male doctor. and other exciting erotic at! I was a college freshman when I went for my first sports physical exam at school. I had been a pretty decent runner in high school and was now going to be on the men's track team at college. Our school required that all of our athletes go through an exam by the school health services and my appointment was this morning.

Nov 30, 2011 · Company physical exam With that, Kelly left, but she did not close the door behind her. I had now been seen naked by four different women, and I was so turned on by that. And to think that I wanted to be examined by a guy. I knew now that I was throughly enjoying being on display. This is a great story. Reply Delete. Replies. sonali Author: Hertzr. Sep 09, 2016 · Forced to strip naked by an attractive, young medical assistant. The last step was to pass a pre-employment physical with the companies chosen doctor. I particularly liked the fact the exam was thorough and did not have a story ruining ending involving sex The fact the women made him strip down completely for them and remain that way.