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FDLE has also established the following toll-free number for public access to FDLE's Missing Persons and Offender Registration: 1-888-FL-PREDATOR (1-888-357-7332). By contacting FDLE at this number, the public can request information about Sexual Offenders living in their communities and around the state. If the court makes a written finding that the offender is a sexual predator, the offender must be designated as a sexual predator, must register or be registered as a sexual predator with the department as provided in subsection (6), and is subject to the community and public notification as provided in subsection (7).

The designation of a person as a sexual predator or sexual offender is neither a sentence nor a punishment but simply a status resulting from the conviction of certain crimes. {Sections 775.21(3)(d), 943.0435(12), 944.607 Florida Statutes}. When a sexual offender or sexual predator is released from incarceration, moves into Collier County or changes their address, either permanently or temporarily (five days consecutively or five days aggregately in a year), there are several activities that take place. First, the offender/predator must register with the sheriff of the county in which they live.

FDLE makes Florida sexual predator and sexual offender information available to other states by providing access to the hot file status records on these persons and by submitting information on these persons to the National Sex Offender Registry. FDLE provides the ability for local law enforcement agencies to access sexual predator information in other states. FDLE maintains the Sexual Offender and Predator Registry, in coordination with its local law enforcement partners.