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This is the Adult Youth Leader Application Packet we give to prospective leaders. It includes an overview of our ministry, resources, and application materials. Feel free to adapt it . Our general philosophy of youth ministry 5 Our vision for the youth ministry 8 Ministry interests 17 Youth Leadership Team application 18 Youth Leadership Team reference form 25 Your prayer support team We believe it is essential for our ministry to focus on this un-reached group, present the gospel to them through relevant means, and.

Youth Ministry Quick Start Guide: A little dated, but a huge collection of ideas youth ministers just starting out. * from Church Resources Consortium: Youth Ministry Tips and Idea Ebook: 135 pages of youth ministry gold! *from Tim Schmoyer: Youth Group Adult Leader Packet: Tips, Hints, Values, Application, and Commitment Form. Developing a spiritual leadership team of young people provides a perfect opportunity for adult youth leaders to interact with these teens on a personal level and receive critical insights that will generally reflect the whole group. A youth leader or teacher can develop group dynamics that will facilitate honesty in the leadership group.

Turning Senior Adults Into a Ministry Asset. As a youth worker, it’s essential to build a foundation of people who are eager to invest in the lives of our teenagers. Typically, that means other ministry staffers, adult volunteers, parents, and even college students. One group we often overlook is senior adults.. Trainings and workshops for anyone involved in youth ministry -- pastors, volunteers, and leaders. Located throughout 50 areas in the United States this Fall 2018. Register for Group's Youth Ministry Local Training today!