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The Importance of Wearing a Seat Belt. Safety devices are very important in our everyday life. Many accidents happen every single day and proper use of safety restraints have saved many lives. It is important to recognize the importance of wearing one. But . For adults and older children (who are big enough for seat belts to fit properly), seat belt use is one of the most effective ways to save lives and reduce injuries in crashes. 3 Yet millions do not buckle up on every trip. 4. Deaths. A total of 23,714 drivers and passengers in passenger vehicles died in motor vehicle crashes in 2016. 2.

Jun 21, 2017 · However, one interesting hole in most state laws regards adults wearing seatbelts in the back seat. Apparently, this must mean that it is not necessary and seatbelts will not protect adults in the backseat in case of a crash. However, the research and statistics say otherwise. Why Wear Seatbelts? Wearing a seat belt is required by law: If your safety is not reason enough to wear a seat belt, remember that wearing one is required by law and, if you are caught not wearing one, you might face some expensive fines. Some believe that air bags are an effective substitute for seat belts.

Jan 04, 2011 · Adult seat belt use is the single most effective way to save lives and reduce injuries in crashes. The percentage of adults who always wear seat belts increased from 80% to 85% between 2002 and 2008. Even so, 1 in 7 adults do not wear a seat belt on every trip. Jul 06, 2009 · 8 Reasons Why People Don’t Wear Seatbelts People wear seat belts while driving more out of fear of law than anything. It doesn’t matter to them what the consequences could be. There is a set of people that flouts the personal safety rules voluntarily while others just have stupid reasons as mentioned in the article and these can’t be.