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Porn 2.0, named after "Web 2.0", refers to pornographic websites featuring user-generated content.Sites may include social networking media including features such as user-based categorizing, webcam hosting, blogs and comments. This is in contrast to the static content offered by "Web 1.0" porn sites. Plumi (software to create video sharing sites) Web-based video editing. Web-based video editing sites generally offer the "user generated video sharing" website in addition to some form of editing application. Some of these applications simply allow the user to crop a video into a smaller clip.

I recall hearing about a nice website called removedpics or which is a full dedicated to adult content on social networks like facebook, snapchat, instagram and tumblr. Do you know it? I’m basically trying to find a nice way to promote my ex gf porn photos and videos and more things like that. All real and user submitted. Publishers are not permitted to place Google ads or AdSense for search (AFS) search boxes on pages with adult or mature content. While we recognize that interpretations of adult or mature content may vary across countries and cultures, we hold all publishers accountable to the same content requirements so that we can ensure a safe and healthy global advertising ecosystem.

Jan 25, 2008 · In October 2006, we wrote about Pornotube, an x-rated version of YouTube. Now another hardcore XXX video sharing site has taken a page from the phenomenon. and other sites of similar content are showing explicit amateur movies. XXX content has always led the way in . Aug 04, 2009 · "Tube sites"--adult content Web sites that mimic YouTube in hosting everything from professionally made videos to user-generated clips--have quickly risen in Author: Oliver J. Chiang.