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Oct 09, 2009 · The documents below provide extensive information about the 69 indigent care programs. The data — gathered on behalf of the California HealthCare Foundation by the Blue Sky Consulting Group — update and expand on earlier documents published on this website in 2006. County Programs for the Medically Indigent in California Introduction California’s counties, by law, are the health care providers of last resort for residents age 18 and older who cannot afford care. For these medically indigent adults (MIAs), the county programs are .

Adult Services» Indigent Services Indigent Program. Indigent Services Program. The Indigent Services program reimburses medical and institutional facilities for eligible participants who do not qualify for Federal, State or community programs. Program eligibility is income and asset based. Mar 04, 2019 · Indigent Health Care: The Indigent Health Care And Treatment Act (Chapter 61 of the Health And Safety Code) defines the responsibilities of counties, hospital districts, and public hospitals in providing medical care to residents who are considered indigent. Kidney Health Care (KHC).

The County Indigent Health Care Program helps low-income Texas residents who don’t qualify for other state or federal health care programs have access to health care services. Benefits are limited to participating administrators who provide primary, preventative and some specialty services. These.