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One-Day Touring Plan for Adults. The standard one-day touring plan of Epcot from the current Unofficial Guide, with suggestions for FastPass+ attractions and reservation times. Includes Soarin', Test Track, Mission: Space, all of the World Showcase countries, and Agent P's World Showcase Adventure. Which Epcot Touring Plan Is Right For You? If your party consists of teens or teens and adults, start with the adult touring plans. Teens and adults almost always rate an attraction within one-half a star on our five-star scale, and the touring plans for both groups would be essentially the same.

Epcot touring plans. We like to organize touring plans by hour because minute-by-minute touring plans can make you feel like you’re running from place to place without any flexibility, but grouping them by hour can give you some sense of timing as you plan. Here are some example Epcot touring plans. Epcot Touring Plan in One Day For Adults. Though it certainly has plenty of appeal for all ages, Epcot has become a hot spot for adult getaways. Where else can you partake in the foods and cultures of the world, experience thrilling rides, and also see amazing fireworks? Only Epcot!

Epcot touring plans Epcot uses tiers for the FastPass+ system which restricts you to only choosing 1 of the headliners. And with three headliners, touring Epcot is a bit trickier than other Disney World touring plans, but we have suggestions on how you can do it. Hollywood Studios touring plans Like Epcot, Hollywood Studios is using tiering. Epcot Touring Plan. Epcot One-Day Touring Plan - This plan is for those guests who plan to stay at Epcot the entire day. If you follow this plan closely, you’ll be able to see all of the main attractions and any other attractions that are important to your family. Epcot With Small Kids - Touring is different with small kids. Small kids often.