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The exact vision therapy activities used to treat strabismus and the duration of the treatment will vary with each patient. To determine if you could benefit from this approach, begin with a Functional Vision Test to isolate the specific vision problem. Learn how undetected vision problems can impact a . Cure Rates. If an eye turns part of the time and is straight part of the time, then the possibility of vision therapy aligning the eyes without strabismus surgery is about 80 percent. If an eye was previously aligned with surgery and then turned again, the chances .

Vision Therapy Saves Boy From Strabismus Surgery: 10 Years Later Family Still Thankful. My recommendation is to try Vision Therapy. If it doesn't work then strabismus surgery is a possibility. On the other hand, surgery is permanent and if doesn't work, it is . Vision Therapy for Adults with Strabismus. Adults with strabismus have an advantage and a disadvantage when undergoing adult strabismus treatment with vision therapy. They are disadvantaged because it may require more time to retrain a matured adult visual system that has been adapting to .

Simple eye exercises can help in the treatment of a condition called strabismus, also known as crossed eyes. Learn how to perform these exercises at home. many vision therapy programs now Author: Ron Evans. That makes vision therapy a lasting, effective, non-surgical treatment resulting in more comfortable and efficient vision. This is a big deal. The compassionate, qualified staff at Minnesota Vision Therapy Center have extensive experience effectively treating strabismus with proven exercises and techniques.