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Practice Exam Questions – Level 2, Adult Numeracy. Level 2 Adult Numeracy questions: percentages. Allow about 25 minutes. You may NOT use a calculator. Bilingual dictionaries may be used. Leve1 2 – N2. Percentages N2/L2.2 identify equivalencies between fractions, decimals and . Jun 10, 2011 · A 40 question practice paper written to provide challenging extra practice after a group of learners participated in a very difficult L2 numeracy test (the levels of the national test certainly do seem to be erratic at times, and definitely harder than when it was first introduced).

Practice National Adult Literacy and Numeracy Tests A review of websites offering practice Key Skills/National Adult Literacy and Numeracy Tests. If you're helping learners to prepare for the National Tests in Adult Literacy and/or Numeracy, you may find it helpful to let them try several of the practice tests that are available. A comparison between adult skills levels In England and Wales, the adult numeracy levels are measured across five levels, from Entry Level 1 (equivalent to the standard expected for ages 5 .

I've done the Adult numeracy and literacy certificates level 1 and level 2 and they aren't graded like GCSE papers. You just get a pass or fail. The exam is multi-choice. It's a free qualification which people say is equivalent to GCSE but it isn't really. GCSE is much harder. Level 2 Practice Test X Name: _____ You must show all your working out even if you use a calculator. June 2011. Kindly contributed by Dave Clapham, Leeds City College. Search for Dave on Covers many aspects of L2 adult numeracy & Functional Maths.